Jobs and the Economy: The government cannot grow the economy by itself, but it can empower small businesses, entrepreneurs and the overall private sector to grow our economy. We can do that by reducing the tax and regulatory burden government places on businesses.

As a small business owner for 17 years I know the daily struggles of trying to meet a payroll, balance a budget and run an operation efficiently enough to make a profit. Those are skills that are, unfortunately, all too uncommon in Washington these days. My experience in starting a property management company in Aurora taught me much about what it takes to create jobs and I have taken those skills with me to Congress.

This past year I passed a bill in the House to help returning veterans find jobs and help employers utilize their leadership and technical skills by supporting job training programs that help veterans transition careers.

I have helped create jobs in my district not just through pushing for lower taxes and smarter regulations, but through connecting businesses with Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, hosting job fairs to connect employers with job seekers and supporting research grants for local institutions.

Spending and Debt: I believe that our national debt is the greatest threat to our national security and we must reform Washington’s broken spending policies. I have taken on big spenders in both parties, including being a rare Republican willing to look at cutting defense spending. I believe that we can reduce the bureaucracy at the Pentagon, and through other targeted cuts of defense spending we can reduce this nation’s debt without risking national security.

I laid out some of those ideas in an editorial in the Denver Post last year on “smarter ways to cut defense spending.”

I have also co-sponsored legislation to make the federal government live within its means, requiring the Congress to balance the budget except in cases of war or natural disaster. Just like the Colorado state government is required to do by its constitution, the federal government should only spend the money it has, and not rack up debt to be paid off by our children and grandchildren.

Healthcare: Obamacare has been a disaster for this country. It has been a disaster for middle class families. Premiums are rising for middle class families, deductibles are skyrocketing and families are losing access to their long time doctors. Despite promises by the President and Democrats that people could keep their doctors and health insurance if they liked them, the opposite has proved true. Nearly 350,000 Coloradans have received health insurance cancellation notices.

Instead of Obamacare, we need a system that lowers costs, improves portability of insurance, and increases access and affordability of health care.

We can do that by allowing insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines, reducing defensive medicine by implementing tort reform, and other free market reforms that do not create losers in the healthcare system as Obamacare has.

When I was in the state legislature I passed legislation that banned gender discrimination for health insurance and provided protection for those with pre-existing conditions by creating a subsidized insurance pool by taxing other insurance products.

We weren’t perfect in Colorado before Obamacare, but we were on the right path forward and Obamacare has only set us back.

We need Colorado solutions to health care, not Washington, DC dictates.

Immigration: We must fix our broken immigration system. I believe comprehensive immigration reform must be done in a step-by-step process and adhere to three principles: it must secure our borders, grow our economy and keep families together.

I have introduced bipartisan legislation to allow undocumented youth, brought to this country through no fault of their own, to earn citizenship by serving in the military for five years.

I also believe we need to reform our legal immigration system to make the process less cumbersome and more supportive of those who want to come to this country to live the American Dream.